Astrum Agri | String Quartet

Astrum Agri | String Quartet



Instrumentation: String Quartet

Duration: 7 Minutes, One Movement

Commissioned By: Tony Berendsen

Program Notes:

''Astrum Agri' is a loose translation of "Star Field" into Latin

Without them in the sky, 
The depth and beauty
Of the cosmos comes alive
With the sole sacrifice of
All humanity. 
Our tools have surpassed
Our imaginations, 
Our dreams of love and hate
What once was only a field
Draped with stories to share
From generation to generation
Has become a wonder of our creation
Not as genesis, but as
A door swung wide open
Filling the room of our earth
With light beyond comprehension
Drawing us together
Close to understanding
The cosmos we had hid
Hidden behind our being. 

-Tony Berendsen

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