House of Fountains | Symphony Orchestra

House of Fountains | Symphony Orchestra



Instrumentation: Symphony Orchestra

Duration: 12 Minutes

Written For: Earl Lee and the New England Conservatory Philharmonic

Program Notes: I don't have many dreams that I remember, but one of the most beautiful ones I've ever had saw me walking into a forest clearing with my grandmother and seeing all of these ancient water fountains, all flowing and sparkling, covered with moss and age. My grandmother and I are very close, and she is one of the most brilliant composers I know, though not many people have heard her music. After college she married my grandfather and became a mother, only composing in the summers – these beautiful Gershwin-like pieces - just for herself. In this dream she and I were looking for a house together, and this was the house we decided on, this magical clearing and all of its fountains. I like to think of each one of those fountains as a metaphor for the pieces she and I have both written: emblems of the continuity of creativity. For this piece I decided to use the orchestra as a palette on which to paint melodies I've created, and a take on my favorite melody of hers as well, so that the audience (and the performers!) may walk through an art gallery of melody in much the same way that she and I walked amongst the fountains in that dream. 


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