Sybil | Violin Concerto

Sybil | Violin Concerto



Instrumentation: violin/strings

Duration: 22 Minutes, Three Movements

Written For: Eunae Koh

Program Notes: Sybil is a concerto I began in the spring of 2010 at age 19 after falling in love with a Russian violinist. Though I wrote all of the main melodies within a few days, I felt timid about being able to deftly construct the other components of the piece, so I set it aside. The piece ended up being worked on a few days every summer since, with all components being pieced together (much like making a quilt!) earlier this year. This final part of the process was difficult in an immensely fulfilling way: I had to engage in a dialogue with myself of five years ago; decide which parts of the music made sense to change or manipulate, know what parts of the original material to keep intact and preserve. And, as an ex-violinist prone to obsessions with Barber, Ysaÿe, and Prokofiev, I suppose it's entirely autobiographical.

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