Lilac | Solo Piano

Lilac | Solo Piano



Instrumentation: Solo Piano

Duration: 2.5 minutes, one movement

Commissioned By: Jenny Lin

Program Notes: Lilacs are my favorite flower, this probably arising from a childhood spent running around in the back yard of my home that was graced by two gigantic lilac bushes whose blooms appeared for two weeks every May. It made sense to have lovely things in twos: after all, the back yard was a secret garden playspace only inhabited by two little Boyd girls as their childhood together ran its span. My little sister and I would take cuttings of the fragrant purple fronds and make small bouquets for our bedroom dresser but try as we might, our bouquets would always wilt and die within mere hours. Nonetheless, we kept making those tiny bouquets, year after year. In the next chapter of my life, I made prom corsages out of cuttings from those same bushes. In college, I would time my trips home from Chicago for the end of May so that I could be present for their period of blooming. Now that I live in Manhattan, I visit the bodega on the corner about once a week in May and June and spend too much money on bouquets of lilacs that hang on for a few days, pumping my apartment full of purple perfume and the memories that are now intrinsically bonded with it. I'm so pleased that Jenny Lin asked for small etudes from us ICEBERG composers; a work that was to be an amuse bouche but still have depth and character. I'm grateful to her for championing these works and for summoning in particular these memories of mine and this music out of the ether and on to ink and paper. 

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