Photinus | Solo Percussion

Photinus | Solo Percussion



Instrumentation: Solo Percussion (The Setup)

Duration: ~10 Minutes, One Movement

Commissioned By: Harrison Honor

Program Notes: PHOTINUS, written for percussionist Harrison Honor, is a tribute to the sounds of summer and the magic of bioluminescence. This piece uses a unique percussion instrument setup invented by Sam Solomon for ease of performance and cohesion of instrumental timbre, and borrows inspiration from traditional Ghanaian drumming rhythms and field recordings of cicadas in various parts of their life cycle. The title Photinus refers the Rover Fireflies, a specific genus of firefly. I’ve always been endlessly fascinated with these tiny beacons of light, and misnamed them “thunder bees” as a small child. This piece was dreamed up in the summer of 2015, in Manhattan, where I was so starved for sounds of nature that the first arcing drone of the late-summer cicadas made me actually laugh with joy. Many thanks to Harrison for endlessly championing my works and inviting me into his world of metals, skins, and woods for this piece. 

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