Eternal Golden Braid | String Orchestra

Eternal Golden Braid | String Orchestra



Instrumentation: Double String Orchestra (meant for middle school string orchestras)

Duration: 4.5 Minutes, One Movement

Commissioned By: YOURS Project Chicago

Program Notes: This short piece was written specifically for the Chicago YOURS Project Orchestra (made up of elementary and middle school students) as part of my composition residency with them in August of 2013. Their performance was sans conductor! And I will never forget being at the dress rehearsal: sitting a few chairs away from me was a little boy who was attending the same summer orchestra program, and though he wasn't in the orchestra that was playing Eternal Golden Braid, he was humming along as they played their run-through. He had memorized the melodies just from hearing it down the hallway during rehearsals that week. He was just one of the many incredible young people I met during my residency with YOURS, and I will never forget the kindness and verve of those students. 

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